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Real estate market in Kiel

Last years in Kiel was very good for the property and real estate market. If you are looking for land properties in Kiel with basement please contact Peyton Goff from GVI Immobilien GmbH.


Kiel houses and flat for rent – low prices – no deposit required

There are serveral types of properties that are popular in Kiel for rent or sale. The most common are share houses and standalone office buildings. 

If you are looking for houses for sale in Kiel Germany you can find lots of houses priced well for rental in Kiel in Germany . 

The houses are located near the town of Höhle and in the suburbs of the city of Kiel. There a small but attractive variety of homes for sale – from the most expensive to the cheap – including: Cars A house with a beautiful car in the rear yard A car, a house, a small house with an amazing view, an apartment with all kinds of furnishings Houseboat with a nice yard to park your boat!

A boat, a home and an apartment in Kiel Berlin, where they rent a house boat every day from a local boat rental company. You will also find beautiful homes in the suburb of Heidenfels , where you can rent a flat for rent. You can also find lovely houses in the town of Heidenfels , which includes lots of houses.

The houses range in price from €1,000 or less in the center of the town to a staggering €20,000 or more in the suburbs. It is a fantastic way to enjoy life in Kiel and a great value if you are looking for a house in Kiel for rent in Germany or anywhere in Europe for rent in Germany .

If you want to buy house in Kiel please please contact our real estate agent that will prepare a suitable offer for you.
Our estate agency can provide you best  House of Wortz is one of the finest houses in Kiel. It is a beautiful modern house of beautiful architecture in a great location.

It's size is 180 m² and has a lot of room for your living area. In addition, it has an attic, bathroom and large garage.
The main bedroom is also big. We can also arrange the living room and bathroom. The kitchen is located at the rear and we have several spare spaces available in the living room, kitchen and even the master bedroom.

The house of Wortz has a nice appearance. The exterior is of white brick and the interior is of white stone.
It is available to rent and to buy in Berlin. For a full house, we recommend you to choose a family home. The price is around 8.000 euro for the full house.

Mr Collin Dotson works in real estate business in Kiel since 1993. Before that his father Spencer Dotson was also a estate agent with office at Schloßgarten 3-4, 24103 Kiel, Germany. They used to eat lunch at Ristorante Rigoletto that is placed 28.59 kilometers from Engel & Völkers Immobilien Neumünster at Königsweg 46. Potential clients who coms to Kiel usually staty at BEST WESTERN Hotel Kiel located at Hamburger Chaussee 2,, 24114 Kiel, Germany or ATLANTIC Hotel Kiel at Raiffeisenstraße 2. Real estate average sale rate in Kiel – last 3 years report :


  2018 2017 2016 Total
Studio 1154 USD 1184 USD 1232 USD 3570 USD
Apartament 1662 USD 1664 USD 1728 USD 5054 USD
Single house 2125 USD 2183 USD 2259 USD 6567 USD
Room 2596 USD 2640 USD 2752 USD 7988 USD
Total 7537 USD 7671 USD 7971 USD

Süssen-Götland - unknown facts and connections to Kiel

Süssen is the county seat of Höhle in the northern state of Bavaria.  The capital is Cologne which is the major city with the largest population and one of the most developed on the German continent. A large number of the residents of Süssen are also from the former East Germany in a period of collective denial and exile.

Süßen is a traditional German town with a number of old and historic places to visit, including the town hall and churches. One can visit the castle and the town hall and also visit the old train station.

The main attraction of the town is its history and architecture. The oldest part is the old bridge between Süssenburg and Kiel which is part of the town's original structure. There are various old buildings which are of historical importance but still have some charm.

For example the town hall still houses the cathedral. The town also has the best shopping district in Germany – Höhle - and the city centre as well. Süßen is known as the birthplace of the "Süßengasse" – which is where the townspeople were born to a family of the area.

There are also famous historical castles like Hämförhe and Wählau as well as many other historic buildings and castles. Süssen also has the best concentration of breweries and pubs which you won't find in the surrounding areas.

This may just be due to the local beer culture but it does have a strong beer history too. A popular tourist attraction is the ancient Höhlem cemetery – which is the second oldest in Germany, after Höhle.

Most of what is there is in bad shape but you can see the original graves and monuments of these people that used to live there.

Engel & Völkers Commercial Kiel

Real estate
Hopfenstraße 71, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3188761, 10.1307497

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Engel & Völkers - E + V Kieler Bucht GmbH

Real estate
Feldstraße 68, 24105 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3383227, 10.1401155

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EU Real Estate GmbH

Real estate
Kronsberg 29, 24161 Altenholz, Germany

GPS : 54.39091, 10.12031

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John Spiering GmbH & Co.KG Immobilien - Immobilienmakler in Kiel

Real estate
Lorentzendamm 46, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.32437, 10.13064

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IMMObilien & Verwaltungs GmbH

Real estate
Ziegelteich 29, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3200524, 10.1294687

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Hans Schütt Immobilien GmbH

Real estate
Kleiner Kuhberg 2-6, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.320796, 10.132798

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of Poll Immobilien Kiel

Real estate
Dänische Str. 12, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.32374, 10.1403381

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Höpfner Immobilien GmbH

Real estate
Kirchhofallee 35, 24114 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3171859, 10.1236562

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Kersig Immobilien

Real estate
Annenstraße 7, 24105 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.33055, 10.13029

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BUWOG Immobilien Management GmbH, Zentrale Kiel

Real estate
Fabrikstraße 7, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3198157, 10.1370765

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Haus 49 GmbH

Real estate
Sophienblatt 64, 24114 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.31188, 10.12756

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GVI Immobilien GmbH

Real estate
Schloßgarten 3-4, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3257239, 10.1427365

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cs-direkt Starke.Immobilien Vermietung - Verwaltung - Verkauf

Real estate
Dorfstraße 21, 24109 Melsdorf, Germany

GPS : 54.31529, 10.02873

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Real estate
Bergenring 2, 24109 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3255004, 10.0567806

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Immobilien & Verwaltungs GmbH

Real estate
Braunsberger Weg 10, 24149 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.33781, 10.19802

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KBR Real Estate GmbH

Real estate
Rethhof 5, 24253 Fahren, Germany

GPS : 54.3495994, 10.3369696

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Engel & Völkers Eckernförde

Real estate
Frau-Clara-Straße 10, 24340 Eckernförde, Germany

GPS : 54.4734055, 9.8361017

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laren consulting real estate GmbH

Real estate
Bollhörnkai 1, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3179502, 10.1355595

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Engel & Völkers Immobilien Neumünster

Real estate
Mühlenbrücke 6, 24534 Neumünster, Germany

GPS : 54.0708084, 9.9839075

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German Real Estate GmbH / SERVICE POINT

Real estate
Eggerstedtstraße 1, 24103 Kiel, Germany

GPS : 54.3217451, 10.1400526

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