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If you are here - It means that you look for land or single family home. The good news is that we can offer you a variety of options in Reims. Can't you decide what you need and just you want to browse all stuff we can have in Reims - just don't put filter into query and you will see all types of property like farm, land and more.

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If you have a property for sale - you can contact Foncia Icr at 28 Rue Thiers, 51100 Reims, France or Foncia Icr which is only within a stone's throw away from Foncia Icr.

Best estate agents in Reims – update 2019

Mr Theodore Matthews who works in Foncia Icr at 28 Rue Thiers claims that most clients in Reims are interested in renting studio and share house. Mr Marcus Matthews works in real estate business in Reims since 1991. Before that his father Lukas Matthews was also a estate agent with office at 28 Rue Thiers, 51100 Reims, France. They used to eat lunch at Les Cornichons that is placed 180 meters from Foncia Icr at 13 Rue du Général Sarrail. Potential clients who coms to Reims usually staty at Residhome Reims Centre located at 6 Rue de Courcelles, 51100 Reims, France or Hôtel Gambetta Reims at 13 Rue Gambetta. Real estate average sale rate in Reims – last 3 years report :
Room1138 USD1187 USD2325 USD
Single house1658 USD1700 USD3358 USD
Flat2161 USD2189 USD4350 USD
Total4957 USD5076 USD

CENTURY 21 Martinot Immobilier

Real estate
9 Rue des Élus, 51100 Reims, France

GPS : 49.2556838, 4.0322814

Users reviews of CENTURY 21 Martinot Immobilier Reims

Century 21 - Espace Conseil

Real estate
250 Avenue de Laon, 51100 Reims, France

GPS : 49.2702986, 4.0222048000001

Users reviews of Century 21 - Espace Conseil Reims

Bara Immobilier

Real estate
35 Rue de Thillois, 51100 Reims, France

GPS : 49.2532385, 4.0259181

Users reviews of Bara Immobilier Reims

Cushman & Wakefield

Real estate
1 Rue de l'Arbalète, 51100 Reims, France

GPS : 49.2566103, 4.0320769

Users reviews of Cushman & Wakefield Reims

Immobilier des Notaires de Champagne-Ardenne

Real estate
44 Cours Jean-Baptiste Langlet, 51000 Reims, France

GPS : 49.2575769, 4.0300414

Users reviews of Immobilier des Notaires de Champagne-Ardenne Reims

Laforêt Reims

Real estate
2 Rue de Pouilly, 51100 Reims, France

GPS : 49.2572566, 4.0314529

Users reviews of Laforêt Reims Reims

Foncia Icr

Real estate
28 Rue Thiers, 51100 Reims, France

GPS : 49.2583, 4.0279

Users reviews of Foncia Icr Reims

Nexity Reims

Real estate
26 Cours Jean-Baptiste Langlet, 51723 Reims, France

GPS : 49.2564923, 4.0308109

Users reviews of Nexity Reims Reims

ORPI Orpi Immo Conseil

Real estate
Service Transaction : 72, avenue Jean Jaurès Servi, 51100 Reims, France

GPS : 49.2589136, 4.0437713

Users reviews of ORPI Orpi Immo Conseil Reims

S.E.G.I.B Société Etude Gestion Immobilière Bâtiment

Real estate
3 Rue des Forgerons, 51350 Cormontreuil, France

GPS : 49.2182943, 4.06323

Users reviews of S.E.G.I.B Société Etude Gestion Immobilière Bâtiment Reims

Gsac Real Estate

Real estate
9 Rue André Pingat, 51100 Reims, France

GPS : 49.2592285, 4.0219157

Users reviews of Gsac Real Estate Reims


Real estate
Parc Internationa d 'entreprises Alington bd Michael Faraday 4, 77716 Marne la Valée, France

GPS : 49.128754, 4.1475445

Users reviews of Regus Reims

Philip Howard Real Estate Brokerage

Real estate
440 Plain St #3, Marshfield, MA 02050, United States

GPS : 42.1043704, -70.7336671

Users reviews of Philip Howard Real Estate Brokerage Reims

Raynard & Peirce Real Estate

Real estate
96 Main St, Canaan, CT 06018, United States

GPS : 42.0273791, -73.3299949

Users reviews of Raynard & Peirce Real Estate Reims

Century 21 Emilie Pelletier

Real estate
2Bis Place du Maréchal Leclerc, 02400 Château-Thierry, France

GPS : 49.0419008, 3.4037536

Users reviews of Century 21 Emilie Pelletier Reims

CENTURY 21 L.S. Immobilier

Real estate
15 Rue Saint-Christophe, 02200 Soissons, France

GPS : 49.3819923, 3.3233778

Users reviews of CENTURY 21 L.S. Immobilier Reims

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