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Everybody need a place to live and property rights. The concept of jurisdiction is a little easier to understand in state courts. The courts have a great meaning in transaction over the property. Many other countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, El Salvador and Belize do not require real estate agents to be licensed.

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Please contact Erick Schultz from AGENCE IMMOBILIERE TERRES LATINES or Callie Ford from Montaury Immobilier.

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There are serveral types of properties that are popular in Nimes for rent or sale. The most common are:
  • room
  • share house

  • The Montaury Immobilier is one of the many estate agencies in the Nimes. Not everybody knows that Mrs Kayla Schultz is a mother of , who also sells ranch across the Nimes. You can also eat some food at W Restaurant while checking properties from your agent about your ideal room. Jacqueline Savage from L'Harmonie recommends five-spice chicken. Real estate average sale rate in Nimes – last 3 years report :
    Office1146 USD1191 USD1207 USD3544 USD
    Single house1630 USD1702 USD1728 USD5060 USD
    Room2101 USD2150 USD2220 USD6471 USD
    Total4877 USD5043 USD5155 USD

    CENTURY 21 R.B.I. Cité Romaine

    Real estate
    54 Boulevard Gambetta, 30000 Nîmes, France

    GPS : 43.8402864, 4.3612129000001

    Users reviews of CENTURY 21 R.B.I. Cité Romaine Nimes

    Cabinet l'Antenne

    Real estate
    4 Quai de la Fontaine, 30900 Nîmes, France

    GPS : 43.8394688, 4.3545489000001

    Users reviews of Cabinet l'Antenne Nimes

    NIMES CENTURY 21 Dhuoda

    Real estate
    21 Rue Dhuoda, 30000 Nîmes, France

    GPS : 43.828167, 4.3553469999999

    Users reviews of NIMES CENTURY 21 Dhuoda Nimes

    GDI - CBRE

    Real estate
    226 Rue Georges Besse, 30000 Nîmes, France

    GPS : 43.820318, 4.3669502

    Users reviews of GDI - CBRE Nimes

    Immobilier Nîmes Immoplus

    Real estate
    19 Rue Monjardin, 30000 Nîmes, France

    GPS : 43.835942, 4.3659145

    Users reviews of Immobilier Nîmes Immoplus Nimes

    Groupe Alliance Immobilier

    Real estate
    15 Rue Mûrier d'Espagne, 30000 Nîmes, France

    GPS : 43.8392456, 4.357918

    Users reviews of Groupe Alliance Immobilier Nimes


    Real estate
    11 Boulevard de Prague, 30000 Nîmes, France

    GPS : 43.834726, 4.3635420000001


    Agmo Sa

    Real estate
    7 Boulevard Alphonse Daudet, 30000 Nîmes, France

    GPS : 43.8390944, 4.3550779

    Users reviews of Agmo Sa Nimes

    Acci Plus Immobilier

    Real estate
    37 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 30900 Nîmes, France

    GPS : 43.8334713, 4.3518184

    Users reviews of Acci Plus Immobilier Nimes

    Agence Immobilière Nexity Nîmes

    Real estate
    6 Rue des Arènes, 30000 Nîmes, France

    GPS : 43.8347172, 4.3583859

    Users reviews of Agence Immobilière Nexity Nîmes Nimes

    Foncia Languedoc Provence

    Real estate
    5 Impasse du Luxembourg, 30000 Nîmes, France

    GPS : 43.8360283, 4.3640508999999

    Users reviews of Foncia Languedoc Provence Nimes

    Montaury Immobilier

    Real estate
    60 Avenue Georges Pompidou, 30000 Nîmes, France

    GPS : 43.8357715, 4.3471805

    Users reviews of Montaury Immobilier Nimes

    Uzès Sotheby's International Realty

    Real estate
    17 Boulevard Gambetta, 30700 Uzès, France

    GPS : 44.0130259, 4.4184146

    Users reviews of Uzès Sotheby's International Realty Nimes

    CENTURY 21 Rouvière Immobilier

    Real estate
    183 Rue des Capitaines, 30600 Vauvert, France

    GPS : 43.6916123, 4.2746198

    Users reviews of CENTURY 21 Rouvière Immobilier Nimes


    Real estate
    6 Rue Louis Baptiste Isard, 30240 Le Grau-du-Roi, France

    GPS : 43.5381399, 4.1361827000001


    CENTURY 21 JCD Immobilier

    Real estate
    31 Rue Général Bruyère, 30250 Sommières, France

    GPS : 43.7844344, 4.0897448000001

    Users reviews of CENTURY 21 JCD Immobilier Nimes

    CENTURY 21 Rouvière Immobilier

    Real estate
    145 Boulevard Lafayette, 34400 Lunel Cedex 02, France

    GPS : 43.6767962, 4.1337648

    Users reviews of CENTURY 21 Rouvière Immobilier Nimes


    Real estate
    30 Rue Joseph Vernet, 84000 Avignon, France

    GPS : 43.9491178, 4.8034156

    Users reviews of GDI CBRE Nimes

    Sotheby's International Realty - Propriétés de Provence

    Real estate
    1 Boulevard Mirabeau, 13210 Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France

    GPS : 43.7884247, 4.8330122

    Users reviews of Sotheby's International Realty - Propriétés de Provence Nimes


    Real estate
    Mas des Lones - Rue de Nimes, 30300 JONQUIERES SAINT VINCENT, France

    GPS : 43.828081, 4.540701

    Users reviews of REY IMMOBILIER Nimes

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